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Let me just say that if Brian and I do not see another moving box or anything made of cardboard EVER, it would be too soon! Now, having that off my chest, I will start with this week’s post. Almost 2 ½ years ago, Brian and I decided that we wanted to rent a house. Why? He’s a country boy who was raised on a farm and longed for a garden of his own (his attempts at the complex where we lived all proved futile) and I wanted to live where I would come home at the end of a work day and know I had a place to park and would not have to cautiously step out of my vehicle or front door ever watchful for the doggie deposits inconsiderate, nasty neighbors refused to pick up and dispose. The list of reasons why we wanted to move could go on but that is not what this post is about!


For the 2 ½ years, we regularly checked the property management sites of the various companies in our area. The search was at times tiring and even discouraging. I am amazed at what some are willing to rent for crazy monthly rates! One day as I was driving to work and praying to the Lord (doing my best to NOT worry) about the situation, He reminded of the best apartment I had and enjoyed when I was single and how He led me to it. Before leading me to it, I viewed several other apartments and interestingly enough each of them had a feature that I liked and desired. Low and behold when I went to view the great apartment I had, it had EVERY feature that I wanted in the other apartments! Look at God! Having reminded me of this He told that He was helping Brian and I build our new house by letting us see all of the other ones that we saw. What an amazing and loving Father the Lord is and how very well He takes care of His children! 😀

So, here we were 4 WEEKS before our lease was up and nothing yet. As was my habit, I went online to all of the various property management sites to see if any new prospects were on them. Then I saw it, THE HOUSE! No, it did not have a fireplace nor a garage like we wanted but it DREW me, I have no other way to explain it. I e-mailed the link to it to Brian asking him what he thought and he liked it but was amazed at the location of the house since it was where I previously said I did not want to live. I told him that I had said that but that we should at least go look at it. He called the property management company to find out when we could view the house and it would be 2 weeks before our lease ended. Talk about cutting it close! The Thursday that the company said that the house was available for viewing, I went to their office to “rent” a key so that we could look at the house. The property manager for it informed me that an application had already been submitted for the house! UGH! BUT that the applicant had not paid a deposit nor had he responded to her attempts to contact him about it. That being the case, if we put in an application AND deposit, we would pre-empt them! Needless to say, I called Brian and told him that I would be home to pick him up in a few short minutes explaining what was going on with the other applicant. We went to see that house and liked what we saw. We sought godly counsel and prayer on it and sure that we were being directed to go for it, put in our application AND deposit that day after being reassured that the things that concerned us about the house would be addressed. Then, we waited. Boy is that challenging! The next morning, the property manager called me and told me that we were approved! Hallelujah! Talk about feeling a great weight being lifted off of you! We had a house!

Now, the “fun” of packing all we owned really began. We had been packing before but not that intensely but now we had a move-in date and a new address to which we were destined! You really do not find out how much STUFF you have until you move! We will be having a yard sale or be making a trip to a local jockey lot (flea market, swap meet, etc.) to get rid of a lot of the things that we no longer need.


This journey to our cute, new home produced a blog series in me which I will start posting next week. My hope is that the experience and wisdom that I learned from our move will be helpful to you when you move. Stay tuned! It promises to be very informative!

Lastly, I just want to commend my handsome husband, Brian! Not only has he done the vast majority of the packing for our move, thus my calling him my packing machine but also he has done a tremendous job of unpacking and making our new house a home. He’s a blessing and a keeper! <3

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