Thank You, Lord!

Thanksgiving Day morning, I awoke to the inspiration of this poem. It covers most of that for which I am very grateful to the Lord. I recently watched a movie with Brian where one of the characters wondered out loud to whom to we give thanks on Thanksgiving Day and in me quickly bubbled up the response, “There is no one if you do not know the Lord!” Sadly, many celebrate holidays that are for the glory of the Lord without knowing Him; therefore, they lack the very core of the smiles on the faces of and joy in the lives of us who do know Him. In the time of suffocating political correctness, please do not hesitate to share with those who do not know Him the source of your joy! It is a matter of eternity for them!

Enjoy the poem!


Today and every day, I thank You, Lord for amazing salvation
For making me a part of Your beautiful creation
For Your gift, the breath of life
That to a glorious man, I am a wife
For Your unfailing love
Which You give freely from Your throne above
For allowing me to be born in this great country
Where we can choose to be spiritually and naturally free
For those You put in my life to represent You
Who give me godly counsel when I’m unsure of what to do
For the gifts of expression that You put in me
To tell others of Your life of victory
For that which makes me stand in awe, Your grace
That You promised that I will one day see Your face
For the overflow of Your goodness that leaves me no choice
But to ring out songs of praise with my voice
For allowing Your Spirit in me to dwell
To remind me of You and that all is well
For the limitless wisdom of Your Word
Who sets free all by whom He is heard
It may seem trivial to some for me to say, “Thank You, Lord!”
But allowing myself to have an ungrateful heart, I cannot afford!


VLK ©2014

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