Taking a Break

taking a break 

As this year rather speedily ends, I decided to take a break for the rest of this year. During the break, I plan to work on possible future posts as well as focus on promoting my new JewelScent business at www.jewelscent.com/ladyv. A quick plug for my business. If you or someone for which you buy gifts likes candles, body scrubs, soaps, wax tarts or aroma beads that not only come in a great selection of scents but also contain jewelry valued from $10 to $7,500, then please go to my site and shop to your heart’s content! Our products are all-natural, of good quality and are made in the USA. Thank you in advance should you shop at my site! I also plan to of course spend this break with my best friend and husband, Brian. Who knew that after 5 ½ years I would still look forward to seeing him after work every day and spending time with him? Obviously, the Lord did since He put us together!

While I am taking this break, you are welcome to read my previous posts and comment on them. Since I will not be posting any more this month nor at all next month, let me now wish your family and you a safe and


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See you January 1, 2016!

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