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Not long after I moved in where Brian and I last lived, I started compiling a list of those that would need to be notified of my new address.  As time went on, the list had some additions and subtractions. This past week, I have been updating my home address and phone number on the websites of the various vendors that are on the list. I use the great app, Wunderlist in which I created a Change of Address folder and have all of those that need to be notified of my new address. Just a quick plug about Wunderlist is that I can access it on my tablet and on my laptop which has proven to be very convenient! Also, you can recycle the list for future use by clicking on completed items.

Thankfully, the United States postal service have a convenient way for you to have mail forwarded to your new address on their website at Please note that doing it online requires you pay $1.05 (as of June 2015) for the service with your debit or credit card. I do not know if they still offer the free paper ones at the actual post offices which you will have to manually complete and mail but that may be an option if you do not want to pay for it. I will say though that doing it online is very convenient and is processed quickly. I went online and completed the Post Office’s online Change of Address form 11 days before we moved and we had forwarded mail on the day we moved into our new home.


You may wonder just who needs your new address and I compiled a list based on my research and experience. Those that need notification of your new address are as follows:

  • Bank
  • Clubs/organizations with which you have membership
  • Companies with which you have subscriptions
  • Creditor(s)
  • Dental/medical providers
  • Department of Motor Vehicles (licenses, permits, and/or registrations)
  • Employer(s)
  • Family members outside of your household
  • Friends
  • Insurance companies
  • Religious organizations
  • Schools (both that of your children and ones you attend/attended)
  • Utility companies
  • Voter Registration office
  • Waste disposal company

This is by no means a comprehensive list. A more detailed list is available on the Change of Address website.

If you have any experiences you had with the change of address process, please share it below.

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