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When I moved into my first apartment, the internet was not as accessible and full of as much information as it is now. Today, we have access to great sites to read reviews of potential rental properties. Based on my experience, the following are some of the best sites for searching for and/or reading reviews about possible rental properties. Of note is that some of these were listed in my post, Renter’s Resources – Home Search Websites, but their usefulness for also reviewing your potential new apartment home bears repeating.


When it comes to reviewing a property management company when you are looking for a house, condo, etc. to rent, some sites that are useful for reviews are as follows:

Another helpful source for reviews of apartment properties and property management companies is word of mouth. A satisfied or dissatisfied customer can tell you a lot about the company with which you want to do business so checking around to see if anyone you know has previous dealings with an apartment complex or property management company can be useful.

If you know of additional review sources, please share in the Comments below.


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