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For several years, I volunteered for the local American Red Cross’ Disaster Services. Not only did I learn valuable lessons about preparing for disasters but also about the value of having renter’s insurance. Having renter’s insurance is wise and proactive because you just never know what may happen to your apartment or rental home. I witnessed the aftermath of a careless apartment resident leaving something cooking unattended on the stove resulting in an entire apartment building burning to a tree falling on a rental house during a rainstorm causing a hole in the roof and water damage to the home and its contents. There are several sites the will give you free quotes for multiple insurance companies. Before you do get quotes, there is one thing you should do first, take an inventory of your possessions.

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There is are great blog posts about taking inventory of your possessions, Taking Inventory of Your Home and How to Take a Home Inventory, which I recommend that you read. They tell you about photo or video documentation, spreadsheet documentation, keeping receipts for major purchases, etc. as means of taking inventory of your possessions. I would suggest that once you do take inventory of your possessions that you both keep it in a secure place as well as regularly check it for any updates (monthly, quarterly or yearly) so that it remains current should you ever need to refer to it. Once you complete your inventory, you are ready to get a more accurate quote for renter’s insurance.

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Getting a renter’s insurance quote does not have to be a difficult task. If you already have an insurance company for your vehicle and enjoy the service they provide you, you may want to ask them for a quote. In many cases, this can be a money-saver for you since most insurance companies will give you a discount for getting more than one type of coverage from them. If you choose not to go that route, there are various sites online where you can get a quote for multiple insurance companies. Some of those sites are as follows:

This concludes my Renters’ Resources series. I hope the things I learned from my renting and moving experiences proved helpful to you. Thank you for taking the time to read my posts!


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