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We should never let material things get ahead of God or become so important in our lives that we can’t walk away from them if He tells us to. Anything you own that has a hold on you is a problem. ~Joyce Meyer

Moving can be an eye-opening experience of just how much STUFF a person owns! It is often in moving that you find things long thought lost and even things you forgot you had. However, we often have many things which are not of great monetary value but are of tremendous sentimental value. It is because of that value that when it comes time to choose a moving company to transport our things from our old home to the new one we must make careful consideration of what company gets that responsibility. There are two good methods of vetting potential moving companies that I will share with you.


Word of Mouth

What better source of how well a moving company works than a family member or friend that did business with them? Ask around to those you know that moved about their experience with the various moving companies out there and use that input to help you to make your final decision of what company will get your business. Ask your family members or friends:

  • The cost of the companies’ services
  • What services were provided?
  • How well their possessions were handled (Any breakages? Fast and appropriate resolution or compensation for the breakages?)
  • How efficient were the movers in time used for the move?
  • How far in advance of their move did they have to book the company?

That is just a few questions for you to ask them about the moving companies that they used but I am sure you may have some additional questions you want to ask to better cater to your household’s needs.

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Web Research

Researching companies online as well as their customer’s experience with them can sometimes be challenging and requires much discernment. Sadly, not every online review of a company is truly based on a customer’s experience with a company but may be notoriously done by a company’s competitor in order to make a company look bad and draw potential customer’s to their company. There is also the possibility of the good reviews being done by a company’s employees to draw customers to their company. This is where discernment comes in handy. This God-given gift can help you determine whether the reviews given are “too good to be true” or “something smelling rotten in Denmark”. Some sites that are good references for reviews about moving companies are:

The great thing about some of the above sites is that they also have some great moving tips and information on them.


Moving Company Quote

When it comes to making your final decision on the moving company you use, get quotes from at least 3 companies in writing. This is something you can request even if you contact them via a phone call. If they will not give you a written quote, that is a definite red flag. The more in advance of your move date you get your quote, the better the deal you are likely to receive.

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