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A magnifying glass hovering over the word Search

A magnifying glass hovering over the word Search

The past 2 years of house searching has given me a great deal of experience and respect for the many online websites out there for finding one’s new home. Today, I am going to share the insights I obtained from my search. I hope that it along with my previous Renter’s Resources’ posts prove helpful for you as well as makes your search and move easier.

Property Management Company Sites

One of the things that I learned is that if a company sells or manages commercial property, pull up their website and you may discover that they also sell and rent residential property. Often such companies do not widely advertise this segment of their business but if you use a little elbow grease online you can discover a hidden jewel. For the Greenville, SC area, the following are the property management sites that I discovered:

  • Alpha Property Management
  • Brown Property Management
  • Carolina Upstate Property Management
  • Dan Joyner Property Management
  • Coldwell Banker
  • Del-co Realty
  • Goldsmith
  • Keller Williams
  • Marchant Property Management
  • McCall Residential Management LLC
  • South Carolina Home Corp.


National Home Search Sites

Over the 2-year time that I was searching for our home, I noticed that the sites for national searches changed regular. As a result of this realization, I would do a Bing search once or twice a month for additional sites that I could add to my list. The national sites that I discovered are as follows:

  • CraigsList (be VERY careful with this one as it tends to have many scams on it)
  • HotPads
  • Your local paper’s online classifieds
  • Trulia
  • Zillow

Build Your Home

Not only did I learn about all the sites that are out there but also I learned to “build your new home” when searching for it. With that, I mean to go view houses that spark your interest and you will likely find a feature or two that it has which you want in the house that you do end up renting. Even going to open houses for houses that are for sale can help with this. I learned this during my apartment-hunting times so that would apply for looking for an apartment as well. When doing something as intense as searching for the next home for our family and us, we may not even realize what features we need and want. I would also suggest taking household members with you to the viewings since it will be their home too and they may see something likeable or unlikeable that you may not notice. As you “build your new home” make and keep a list of those features that are attractive to your household and you. This is a big help as a reference for when you finally see the home that has all or most of what you need or want.

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