I don’t know How or When but I know Who and Why!

Challenges, the joy they are in your relationship with the Lord (note that I am being sarcastic). In the almost 7 ½ years Brian and I have been married, we have faced some daunting challenges. One in particular that we faced 5 years ago comes to mind.

The vehicle we had was in serious need of repairs (over $1,000 worth!) and we did not have that kind of money. One day while praying about the situation, this thought clearly came to mind, “I don’t How, I don’t know When but I do know Who and Why!” I paused in my praying to reflect on that and the Holy Spirit expounded on its meaning. No, I did not know how or when the Lord would provide for or resolve our vehicle issue BUT I did know who (the Lord God Almighty) and why (because in Christ, I am His child and He loves me) the issue would be resolved. Sure enough, a few weeks later, the Lord miraculously provided exactly the amount of money we needed and we got our vehicle repaired. Hallelujah! Since that incident, I have not forgotten that statement of faith and it has really helped encourage faith and trust in the One who knows me by name and even the number of hairs on my head.

Now, we find ourselves facing another daunting task. Every single time fear, anxiety or worry wants to overtake me, I remind myself of that statement of faith and the Lord’s peace returns. Recently, I was praying about our situation and another wonderful reminder of Who already has the solution came to mind. The reminder was, “Lord, I don’t know what to do but trust You!” I happily await for how my Father will show Himself mighty once again! In all of the infinite ways He can solve a problem, He already knows what the specific solution is. I admit that though I am patiently awaiting the Lord’s will and timing, I am unashamedly asking Him to hurry (See post Lord, Please Hurry!). Who doesn’t like a little room to breathe instead of the last-minute breathlessness?

How do you face or handle challenges in your relationship with the Lord Jesus? Please Comment below.

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