From the beginning…

I am so late posting this week because this was 1 of 3 possible posts I was inspired with and I was not sure which I would post until today.

When I was in the 5th grade, I was inspired with my very first poem. When I wrote down my first poem, I was so excited and I have been hooked on poetry ever since with a preference for rhyming poetry though there are a few non-rhyming ones, including haiku, that I have enjoyed.
Today, I am going to share with you my first poem as well as its sequel. Please remember that I was only about 11 years old when I wrote these. Enjoy!

I have dreams
Dreams of passion
Dreams a person can only imagine
Dreams I guess will never come true
Dreams that will stay in that unlocked room


The Unlocked Room
I had this dream of this empty room
But the walls were covered with scenes from different dreams
You could only see these dreams from the window
For if the door was never opened or the dreams would disappear without a trace
Why were they there?
Because they were dreams that would never come true
They were forbidden to leave the unlocked room

Some pretty surreal stuff for an 11-year old, huh? I was a unique girl (I suspect largely due to the many books I read and huge amount of television that I watched). I chuckled when I read these because their styles are so different from how I write now! I guess I can say that with age, comes maturity (mostly) and a change in writing style.


What’s your creative expression and how old were you when you started using it? I anticipate your answers!

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