Christmas Presence


There’s a distinctive sizzle, a crackle in the air

The Christmas Presence is unquestionably there

There’s the minty essence of candy canes, the spicy, sweet smell of gingerbread

And cautiously, you peer for mistletoe overhead

Even the grouchiest person seems full of cheer

Anticipating the one special day of the year

There’s the brisk cold that promises of Winter

And that its beautiful snowflakes will soon enter

Many gather to celebrate in some way

For a very special, blessed day

The atmosphere is filled with the warmth and scent of Christmas candles

Shoppers everywhere with arms loaded with more wrapped packages than they can handle

Those who know Him look forward even more to savor

The day many choose to celebrate the birth of Jesus, our Lord and Savior

Everyone big and small

Feels the Christmas Presence that surrounds us all

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