I am captured by Your love, what else can I do?

There is nowhere I can go and be unseen by You

Even if it feels like You’re afar, You are near

You count my head’s every hair and collect my every tear


I stand awestruck and am still

In the presence of the Holy One of Israel

When it comes to that which concerns me, You care about them all

Both those things great and those small

I pause in wonder at being the apple of the eye

Of He who created such minute beauty as the multi-colored butterfly

I catch my breath and my heart skips a beat

When I think of how great is Your love for me

I am one of many, a face in the crowd

Yet You hear my call be it a whisper or loud

I am hemmed in by Your love on every side

I’m captured, in You I willingly abide

Often when I think of Who I gave my heart

I don’t know if a song or dance should start

As I live my life walking in the steps You ordered

May I never make You regret that I am Your daughter.


VLK 2015

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