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Born and raised in beautiful Greenville, SC by a hard-working single mother, I found being an only child had many perks! As an only child with not many options in playmates, I often found company in books, TV and in the plays, poems and stories I wrote. In my life, I’ve been given many diaries and journals. I would start them but never finished most of them. Blogging is more up my alley in that I can write on my computer while doing what I do best, multi-task. The irony in my blogging is not only the many unfinished diaries and journals I have but also the fact that my husband is the published author in the house!

In this blog, I’ll not only share the experiences I have as a wife but also the things I learned and learn about God, life, politics and travel (see the Coffee on the go segment of Knack Notions) which are things I’m just as passionate about as I am about my husband. Also, due to my handsome husband’s encouragement, I’ll share some of the poems I wrote or write. My hope is that the things I share will encourage and enlighten those that read it and that it will also prevent others from making the fall-hard-on-your-behind mistakes I made. Enjoy and be sure to leave comments! 🙂

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