A Veteran’s Heart (fka America)

This post is dedicated to the veterans in our family, Lee Roy Sullivan Sr (Papa), Bernard Knack (Grandpa), Donald Knack (Dad) and Linfred Lewers. Thank you and all veterans for your service!

America is the country made for me and you
Glorious colors of red, white and blue
I love my country as you can see
So America, please always stay free
It is for freedom, my country, I faithfully serve
Despite the dishonor from fellow countrymen that I observe
America is a heritage from long ago
I am telling you for I feel you have to know
Many for it died, laid down their lives
Left for long periods friends, parents, children and wives
America will always be a part of me
For it is my country, the home of the brave, the land of the free


VLK © 2014


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